World Toilet Summit

This annually organized event brings together non-profit organizations, government bodies, academia and other industry players to address the sanitation crisis that affects 2.6 billion people globally. The inaugural World Toilet Summit was held in Singapore and across the past 10 years we have seen the summit being held across the globe. Previous summits were held in Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Belfast, Moscow, Bangkok, New Delhi, Macau and Philadelphia. With the voices of influential leaders of the world coming together, the World Toilet Summit brings an opportunity to bring hope to the 40% of the world’s population needing proper sanitation. The World Toilet Summit is held annually by the World Toilet Organization in which the Exposition is one of the most important compositions. First held in Nov. 2001, the summit has been held in Singapore, Korea, North Ireland, Russia, Thailand, India, America, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Macao.