The world toilet summit is a one in a kind sort of event that occurs once a year at some designated location around the globe. Originally, it was started up by the world toilet org. It was intended to connect with each other a whole plethora of different types of parties to talk about and share ideas regarding innovation in the area of toilet technology and sanitation as well as different project and development work that is going on around the world from which people can benefit from the humble toilet. When ever this summit takes place it is always the joint collaboraton of the central organising body as well as the government representing the country in which the summit is to take place that ensure the event can take place.

What is the basic method used by the World Toilet Summit?

This summit together with the efforts of the world toilet organization has as its main aims to bring together all the important stakeholders and parties involved in the innovation of toilet and sanitation technology. The main idea here is to keep improving the technology and solutions and to help every one to keep up to pace in this area of development. This is crucial to making this technology more affordale for countries that don’t have this type of technology widely available. Developing nations can benefit greatly from such a conference as their delegations can take the ideas and developments back home to investors and governments to put it into place. This will help to stem the flow of cholera and other unfortunate problems of this nature that occur in 3rd world and developing nations that are already ravaged with poverty and food shortage.

What is the extent of the impact of this event?

Back in the year 2001 the world toilet summit was first kicked off with a bang. Since that time, around about three thousand parties and individuals have gone along to the various other summit events that have taken places since it all began back in ’01. Simply Google it for more history.

What’s happening with World Toilet Summit in the year of 2014?

This year in 2014 the world toilet summit event is to take place in none other than bangladeshi in dhaka.

What does the world toilet organization do?

The World Toilet Organization is the major group behind the world toilet summits that we see taking place every year some where around the world. The association is a not for profit outfit. It’s main goal is to improve lavatory and sanatisation technologies all over the globe today. The main thrust of their approach is to look at toilets as the main solution to the worlds sanitation problems rather than turning to water. The latter takes up a lot of the development funds and resources that are made available to developing nations by richer countries and organizations like the red cross and such. The organization was also established in ’01 when the first summit took place. That it continues today is testiment to the hard work that the people behind the brand have committed to the cause thus far.