The South African Toilet Organisation

SATO is a Member of the World Toilet Organisation


Our vision is to improve the quality of human life and to ensure dignity through the provision of adequate sanitation solutions to all.


Our mission is to ensure the health and dignity of all South Africans and Africans and to protect our natural resources through the provision of environmentally friendly toilets and sustainable sanitation practices.

SATO aims to:

  1. Bridge the Knowledge Divide i.e. introduce public discussion forums that will educate and inform all Africans as to the various issues of sanitation, health and hygiene and in doing so rid society of the negative aspects of the topic.
  2. Highlight the plight of the affected people of Africa – We are all affected.
  3. Mobilise corporate institutions on the African Continent to adopt an Alternative Community Led Total Sanitation Action Plan in an attempt to address the sanitation and related crises in Africa.
  4. Secure Corporate Social Investment for the implementation of adequate and acceptable sanitation and health care in the affected areas; and

We aim to:

  1. Improve the quality of human life,
  2. Ensure dignity for all South Africans especially woman and children,
  3. Contribute to reduction of high levels of crime,
  4. Drastically reduce the child mortality rate , and
  5. Promote the implementation of environmentally save sanitation solutions to protect our fresh water and other natural resources.