Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Abstract Submissions
The on-line abstract submission system is user friendly. You will be guided through the submission procedure. Please follow the instructions as shown on the webpage.

Abstracts that report research findings should contain the following concise statements:

Background: The description of the problem or the hypothesis, the study objectives

Methods: Study methods used or approaches taken

Results: Specific results in summarized form

Conclusions: Statement about the main outcomes.


Abstracts for reporting on strategies / projects should contain the following concise statements:

Background: Short statement summarizing the issue(s) addressed by the abstract

Methods: A brief description of the project, experience, program, or research

Results: A brief description of the results or lessons learned

Conclusions: A brief statement of next steps / recommendation


The following fields will need to be completed under their respective headings:

· Abstract Information

· Abstract Title

· Presenting Author’s biography

· Preferred presentation: (poster or oral presentation)

· Preferred theme (select from the themes available)

The following will need to be included in the abstract submission:

Project Scalability: To scale the described project/activity described to a district /regional/national level, what are the requirements? (new or amended policies, operations, human resources, and financial implications)