Durban World Toilet Summit

The Durban, South Africa World Toilet Summit was held in 2012. It was a great event where many delegations were in attendance from around the globe. Together, we discussed how to make toilets more available more efficiently even forwts logo 2012 (1) the poorest of the globes population. We are very concerned about this situation as a lack of sanitation continues to be at the root of why so many people are still dying from Cholera among other awful diseases that are caused by poor sanitation or the lack thereof.

Since the event was such a hit, we have decided to maintain a blog about the topics of toilets and sanitation. We hope that this will better educate people around the world about how important toilets are. Given that they can so easily become the butt of a joke (no pun intended), their crucial importance for the well being of societies today can be taken for granted.

This blog will track the progress of the world toilet organisation and other similar organisations and events. We will also publish articles about everything related to this topic. We intend to go farther afield to also talk about human rights, and development related issues in general.

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