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Welcome to the World Toilet Summit
The 12th World Toilet Summit, The 1st for Africa, hosted by SATO and FPD, in December 2012, have been designed to muster the individual and collective minds of academia, legal professionals, technical specialist, industry leaders, gender advocacy, civil society, governments, educators and all other role players in the fields of sanitation, education, health and hygiene and human rights.

We shall seek:

  1. To develop an OUTCOME BASED STRATEGY that will prompt all participants to collaborate and Scale Up our collective efforts in an attempt to achieve the ultimate universal goal of DIGNTITY FOR ALL in all of its aspects.
  2. To mobilize all available resources i.e. knowledge, investment in sanitation, appropriate sanitation technologies, health and hygiene education resources and human resources to rapidly address the plight of approximately 600 hundred million Africans that, on a daily basis, experience the most difficult living conditions prone with crime, poverty, disease, death, hunger, no access to basic sanitation and no readily access to water – mostly being woman and children.
  3. To adopt a DOCUMENT OF PRINCIPLES, a set of principles designed to promote the collaboration of all participants, insofar our common objectives, including the drafting of a WTO WORK PLAN 2015, a plan designed to promote the achievement of our agreed goals, progress monitoring and reporting and most important MEASURABLE OUTCOMES.
  1. To agree to a collective strategy that will ensure:

– The Improvement in the quality of human life,

– Dignity for all Africans, especially woman and children,

– Redefining the issue of Gender in Sanitation and the role of woman,

– The measurable reduction of high levels of crime and poverty,

– The reduction in the child mortality rate , and

– The implementation of environmentally save sanitation solutions to all and to protect our
continent`s fresh water and other natural resources.

– Redefining the importance of Community Led Total Sanitation Programs.

  1. To establish a Working Committee, representing different fields of expertise, to mobilise action, track progress and report achievements. This committee will seek collaboration with international bodies such as the World Bank, UN, Unicef and the likes in order to ensure a common objective – Dignity for All.

To set the stage we have resolved to adopt, as our main summit theme, AFRICAN SANITATION: SCALING UP – DIGNITY FOR ALL. This theme encompasses all issues relating to dignity such as human rights, nutrition, safety, education, sanitation, water…all of which are required by all on a daily basis.

Therefore and in accord with our main theme, our summit program will deal intensively with the UN 2010 Declaration – 28th of July 2010…General Assembly declares access to clean water and sanitation is a human right – insofar the impact on civil society in regards to the declaration, the role of civil society and government insofar the realization of the intent of the declaration, the expectations of the target audience – the affected millions, etc.

The summit program will also extensively deal with all issues of personal health and hygiene insofar the true definition thereof, the impact of a lack in a healthy environment, both domestic and school environment; appropriate basic education and enabling the environment i.e. a practical approach. We seek to identify the importance of basic health and hygiene practises within target communities, the sustaining of these practises and tracking the outcome of our initiatives etc in order to Reduce Child Mortality.

We shall further seek to explore the multiple issues in regards to Gender in Sanitation and the importance of Community Led Total Sanitation programs, our approach, results monitoring etc.

It is thereof, and with great expectation, that we extend this invitation to you to join us at the 12th World Toilet Summit, Durban ICC, South Africa and to partner us to SCALE UP our combined efforts towards achieving the commons goals to be agreed to in our WTO Work Plan 2015.

“Batho Pele”- Putting people first!


Alfie Heeger

Founder of the South African Toilet Organisation

Conference Chair: World Toilet Summit, 2012

source: https://www.thereportertimes.com/